02 July 2010

Growing up...

The triplets have a new rule that they can't say certain "naughty words," and if they're caught saying one, the offender owes a quarter to whomever caught them in the act.

A slice of conversation from yesterday's drive:

Colin: Abby! You owe me a quarter!
Abby: Colin! STOP telling me to give you quarters! Just STOP IT!
Colin: But I heard you... you said...
Abby: You are DEAF! For CRYING OUT LOUD!

I laughed for 20 minutes.

09 April 2010

Abby-ism of the Week

(Abby's uncle Spencer was bugging her.)

Abby: You're the second-most evil person in the world!
Spencer: Really? Who's the first?
Abby (disgusted): Satan.

Ah, youth. :)

08 April 2010

"I'm ONE today!"

Cameron Grace is a year old. Where did the time go?

23 December 2009

Mozart in the making

Mozart in the making, originally uploaded by ryanjpoole.

Gotta start 'em somewhere...

16 December 2009

Happy Birthday!

Abby, Ben and Colin are eight years old today! The boys got the video games they wanted, and Miss Abby got her ears pierced. Man, they grow up fast.

Way to go, kiddos. You always make daddy proud.

27 August 2009

Colin knows his Superman...

Dad: Lex Luthor is getting away in his spaceship.

Colin: Superman will chase him.

Dad: Ya think so?

Colin: Because he can fly! HellOOO?!

I've created a monster... :)

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22 July 2009

Good. Morning.

Now THAT's a nice way to start your day.